Urban Apartment KPACK

By Paul Caggegi

Kitbash an urban apartment block in minutes using this KPack of assets and inserts. Add fire escapes, water towers, bays and more with two add-on packs!

This KPack* will allow you to kitbash a city apartment block in minutes!

*Requires the Free/Pro KIT OPS add-on for Blender -

Pack01 includes all basic assets you need to build a complete apartment block:

  • 3x Sidewalk tiles
  • 2x wall styles including corner caps
  • 4x styles of window inserts
  • 2x styles of Door inserts
  • Rooftop and ground edging segments
  • 1x sub entrance

Pack 02 adds:

  • 1x Stone style upper floor wall and corner cap
  • Bay style walls
  • Bay upper and lower caps
  • Bay rooftop segment
  • 2x stone window inserts
  • 1x bay stone window insert
  • 2x inset entrance (narrow and wide)

Pack 03 adds:

  • Fire Escape assets
  • 2x Water Towers (short and tall)