Inserts for KIT OPS

Created by New Media Supply

Three sets of KIT OPS KPACKS includes basic cutters, architectural decorations, and knobs, sliders, greebles and buttons.


These inserts are for the Free- as well as the Pro- KIT OPS add-on.

The first set contains basic cutters which you will need most frequently.

The second set of inserts are decoration, shelves, grids, windows, door, handles, etc

The third set contain the most useful plugs for meshmachine I made, ported over to inserts for KIT OPS.  Pretty cool with some knobs, sliders, greebles and buttons.  


How to install the inserts:

Download the .zip file called:

Unpack the .zip file and you see four folders: NMS_01, NMS_02, NMS_Cutters, NMS_Modifiers.

Copy (or Move) these folders in a folder where KIT OPS is installed named: Master.

On Windows you will find this folder likely here;

C:\Users\[YourUsername]\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.79\scripts\addons\kitops\Master

Appdata is a hidden folder which you can turn on in the File Explorer in the menu under tab View > hidden items. Restart Blender and navigate to the KIT OPS addon.

Under KPACKS in KIT OPS in Blender you will see the inserts.

Recommended workflow:

Make a simple base mesh (could be a cube or a little bit flatter),

Add a bevel-modifier. Start with width: 0.015, Segments 4 or 5, Limit Method; Angle, Angle: 30 degrees.

Shade Smooth (Z) and in Object Data tab in the Properties panel : Autosmooth

If you have a build with the Normal Weight Modifier, that does some magic sometimes.

Right after using an insert (not yet applied), move the Boolean modifier before the bevel modifier. (Bevel modifier is always last).

All you have to do now is: place insert > move modifier > place insert > move modifier etc.

Directions for Installing KPACKS