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100,000 users aren't wrong.

KIT OPS is the  premiere  
Kitbashing Asset Manager for Blender

Fine-Tune  Your Approach  to 3D Modeling.

Did you know the number one challenge in 3D modeling is determining an optimal modeling strategy? A recent survey of Blender enthusiasts revealed that a staggering 75% identified this as their main hurdle. Surprising, isn’t it?

Enter KIT OPS: your solution to mastering the art of 3D modeling. With our foundational approach, you can model faster, more efficiently, and with pinpoint accuracy. Dive into our video to discover how KIT OPS can revolutionize your modeling process.

Help and Support, Just a  Tap  Away.

With KIT OPS, we've been rolling out free updates since 2018, bringing you fresh features all the time. Need a hand? Our awesome support team's got your back! Plus, dive into our treasure trove of docs and videos anytime.

Curious about KIT OPS? Dive into our video right here!

Watch our video to get a closer look at what KIT OPS has to offer. You'll see firsthand how this Blender tool can elevate your design process. KIT OPS simplifies model creation and material addition, making your work smoother. And, there's a wide range of KIT OPS collections (KPACKS) available, both free and for purchase. Explore some of them right here.

Ever felt Blender's  Asset Browser  could be a
tad smoother? 

Ever felt bogged down with tedious steps just to add assets? Frustrated with no easy scaling or rotating? Wish you could group objects seamlessly? We understand your challenges.

With KIT OPS, you can:

Discover a streamlined approach that's centered around you.

Ready to peek into some cool KIT OPS features? Let's go!

Drag  drop any asset and it automatically cuts the hole for you

Adding Boolean cutters and with embedded objects! 

With KIT OPS, cut a hole and pop in a button with one smooth drag-drop move!  And hey, those assets (yep, we call 'em INSERTS) can snugly  snap to faces, edges, and vertices.

Scale, spin, and slide your assets wherever you like!  

Drag and roll your mouse to scale that asset!  Need a spin? Just Alt + scroll. And hey, rearrange it anytime you want!

Craft and save your assets with boolean cutters with one click.

With a single click, save your assets straight to the KIT OPS libraries (yep, we call 'em KPACKS). KIT OPS has your back – it'll set up the asset, whip up a thumbnail, and pop it into your chosen library. And once it's there? Just drag and drop that beauty onto any scene object. Easy peasy!

Save materials and then apply them to other objects whenever you like

Materials can be saved to KIT OPS libraries along with a thumbnail and you can then add them to any object including any object slot that is selected!

Oh, and by the way... checked out our Decals yet?

Create your own decal assets from PNG files

Click, pick a PNG, and bam!  You've got a decal asset ready to jazz up any object. Easy as pie!

Curve those decals to hug your model just right! 

Just a quick eyedropper tap from the shrinkwrap modifier, and your decal fits like a glove!

Slide to erode! Give your decal that worn look with just a swipe.

Decals get a major upgrade with KIT OPS!  From that vintage, worn-out vibe to glowing materials and color tweaks, we've got all the settings you crave. Dive in and see the magic!